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​​​​Tune Into Music​, Music Therapy, Revesby, Bankstown, Liverpool, Fairfield area.

Music Therapy

Tune Into Music offers Music Services in Revesby and Western Sydney region (by appointment).


You do not need to be able to read music to participate
Music Services/Activities– is a tailored music program for each person to help and assist them in areas such as:

  • Participation and engagement
  • Music for enjoyment
  • Focused activity
  • Motivation and focus
  • Fine/gross motor skills
  • Relaxation and mindfulness 

A wide range of specifically trained techniques are used to assist in sessions to meet the needs of the person, holistically.
Suitability: all people can benefit from Music Services, ranging from early intervention through to aged care.

Service  provided (mobile service) 

  • At your location within South west Sydney.
  • Rent a space if required
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