Music Therapy Gosford Springfield

Music Therapy Services provides an environment where all people can be included in musical activities, interactive music, participation and listening.

Suitable for all ages, music therapy can be used to help people in areas they would like to focus.

Music therapy activities and interactions include:

  • drumming and percussion
  • singing
  • engaging with a range of various instruments
  • improvisation and experimentation
  • turn taking
  • movement

Benefits that may be achieved:

  • self expression
  • focus and concentration
  • anxiety management
  • impulse control
  • fine/gross motor skills
  • social interaction

‚ÄčMusical interaction has many benefits in different areas which has been identified in the continued research of music therapy such as

  • aged care/dementia
  • ‚ÄčAutism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • early intervention
  • mental health Tune Into Music - Music Therapy - Revesby, Bankstown, Liverpool, Fairfield.